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Our Story

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Hi welcome to our website. My name is Beau. I am a three tour of duty Iraq Afghanistan Army ranger who has moved back home to America. I am putting up online a Main Stream Media reporters score card to help highlight those reporter/journalists that are unprofessional or biased or have hidden agendas.


I am tired of reporters printing stuff that is untrue and biased or just plain lies just because they feel like they can not be challenged by their readers. They will then be rated so we know who we can trust.


I am also posting in each reporter profile their work phone number, email, twitter,and all their work social media accounts details and their work mailing address so you can use regular mail if you prefer. Or if you want to drop by in person to their work address so you can speak to them face to face. But please do not harass them at there office or wait outside their office till they leave to confront them as that would be very embarrassing for them.


 We wont be posting there home address as that may cause them a severe anxiety attack for them knowing that one of us could drop by at anytime to confront them about there lies and bias at there home address.They would probably have a heart attack when they open their front door and see one of us waiting there.


We will start off with the larger media company's first and list all the reporters details and also their producers and all the other people connected with putting the show on the air camera men,executive producers ,station managers,station owners etc.Then work our way down to the local affiliates in each state and county.


Remember we prefer that you dont post there home address details or photos of there home in our comment section near their details provided by us. Even though we are not legally responsible for any content that is put up by you,our users in our comment section.


The reason being is we just do not have the resources or time in our busy day to monitor the comment section for those posts and delete them.Even though legally that sort of posted details about people were investigating is not illegal.


We hope to have our "reporters phone book" up and online in 4 to 8 weeks. We need to honest as our media is broken in its relationship with the american people.

I came from an impoverished family as a kid and Army rangers dont make big money. It will take a bit of hard work and money to get our site finished and online. About $80,000 so please donate at the top or bottom of the page,thanks.


So im asking for your​ financial help via donations to help us push back against the media. So go now to the donate button at the top or bottom of this page and​ donate even if its as little as one dollar is fine as every penny counts.


 All donations are confidential and of course tax deductible.Meaning we will send you a tax deduction for the amount you donate so you really dont lose the money as the tax man in essence gives it back to you via the tax deductible  receipt we give you.Since were a registered non profit charity.you get every dime of your money back when you do your taxes.


All of my Ranger buddy's and family friends are working for free as volunteers to help do all the research heavy lifting of all the media reorters  etc. There doing it because  they believe in what we are doing by helping the press and media become less biased and more professional.


Our registered nonprofit charity has a goal to raise  $80,000 to pay for us to have a small business office so we can work as a team. Also we need  10 cheap computers,a file server, 11 desks and chairs and electricity bills for a year etc. We are also accepting donations of cars,boats,real estate,stocks, or bonds,almost anything of value even bitcoins and of course its all tax deductible.


we would love to make you part of our "talk back to your tv" family.Just email us at letsdothisnowinc@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer time or donate something of value to push us along towards our goal.

Our goal is to have our website up in 8 weeks. I have assigned some of my Ranger buddies to handle donation collections and another in charge our research effort of reporters and another to get our office set up and still another in charge our communications and finances.

From myself and all of our volunteer crew, we thank  you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous financial support.


                     Thanks from your Talk Back To Your TV.com family

                         contact us at .......letsdothisnowinc@gmail.com


220 Newport Center Dr
Newport Beach, Orange County 92660

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